2014 Super Bowl creates buzz among area businesses

May 25, 2010 2:37:51 PM PDT
You'd be hard pressed to find anyone in Manhattan more excited than Borough President Scott Stringer about having the Super Bowl played in the Meadowlands in 2014. "This is gonna set New York City on fire in the best way, " Stringer said.

The only thing Stringer loves more than the Jets is bringing big business to his borough! According to Stringer, "You're going to be coming to our shows, to our restaurants. So, it's a great economic engine for the city and showcases what we have to offer."

There's already talk of major parties at the Javits Center and the Museum of Natural History.

Across the river in the shadow of the new $1.6 billion stadium sits the Grasshopper. It's an Irish pub known well in the area. But business hasn't been the same since the economy took a dive. Manager Bryan Reddy said, "It's going to just completely raise all our expectations of what a game could mean and what business it could bring in."

The only thing loved at the Grasshopper more than Ireland is football. And Reddy already has a plan to tailor the menu; even the beer to the two teams playing in 2014.