Parents arrested after baby found alone in a parking lot

May 25, 2010 7:13:28 PM PDT
A baby boy is in the hospital and his parents under arrest after he was left in a Bronx parking lot.

The 8-month old was found in a stroller on 161st Street.

His parents were questioned at the 44th precinct before being charged late Tuesday night. Their baby was being treated at Lincoln Hospital.

Police were trying to figure out whether this was a terrible mistake or was this baby boy abandoned.

"He was hot. He wasn't crying. I took him into the shade," Tamika Staton said.

Staton, a street vendor, was trying to get some relief from the sweltering heat this afternoon when she looked up and noticed the seven month old baby in a stroller alone in the middle of a busy parking lot.

Tamika and other vendors frantically looked for the infant's parents, going in and out of stores and the district attorney's office next door.

When they couldn't find anyone, they called 911.

"He had on a blue sweater, gray sweatpants and socks. He was just sitting here. We gave him some apple juice. The ambulance came and said he was dehydrated and hungry," Staton said.

Sources say the boy's parents, Leonard Reyes and Karill Sabery, told police it was an accident.

They live in separate Manhattan apartments and each assumed the other would take the child.

The mother took their four year old daughter in one direction, while the father went in the other. The baby got left behind.

Some witnesses along 161st Street just don't buy the story.

"That parent deserves to be locked up or six feet under because you let an innocent child come into the world and you abandoned him," Lorenzo Carse said.

Police have arrested Reyes and Sabery on charges of endangering the welfare of a child.