Wrongly accused Brooklyn woman cleared

The News Leader

May 25, 2010 3:56:57 PM PDT
Chila Lati was arrested six months ago for assaulting a New York City traffic agent on Avenue U in Sheepshead Bay. Today, she was vindicated. The traffic agent told detectives she was confronted by a woman who came storming out of the corner drug store. She claimed the woman ran over her foot and took off down the street.

The pharmacist provided a name to the ticket agent and the wrong Chila Lati was arrested.

Ms. Lati was actually entering her neighborhood Yeshiva minutes before the incident allegedly took place.

The traffic agent had no documented injuries. There were no known eyewitnesses to the alleged assault. And the license plate and description of the car did not match.

But the agent later picked Ms. Lati out of a questionable lineup.

The Brooklyn District Attorney refused to discuss the case. But this morning, only after her own attorney's investigation, prosecutors dropped the charges against Chila Lati. Prosecutors say the investigation is continuing.