NTSB: safety seats on planes for kids

May 27, 2010 3:01:24 PM PDT
The NTSB issued a safety alert Thursday for parents flying with small children. Currently, children under age two are allowed to fly for free on an adult's lap, but the government says that doesn't mean they should.

Parents Eyewitness News talked to were not happy to think about it, choosing savings or safety.

The recommendation comes while most parents already have to deal with the diapers, the baby bottles, the gear and getting all of it through the lines, now another snafu.

The National Transportation Safety Board wants all parents flying to buy babies under 2 a seat on the plane and to strap them in their car seat.

This is not a mandate, but it is a strong suggestion.

For the Floyd Family, two extra seats would cost an extra $600 on their flight back to Tennessee.

Mr. Floyd says it's the extra gear and car seat that's the deal-breaker for him.

Also, most young kids have a hard time sitting still as it is on flights and may want to be in your lap, making the extra seat, a waste of money.

The reason given by the NTSB for the seat suggestion is safety.

On their website they state: "preventable deaths and injuries have occurred in children under age 2 who were unrestrained."