Dropped cell phone calls in NYC

May 28, 2010 3:33:42 PM PDT
For most New Yorkers it is a constant source of frustration. For most New Yorkers it is a constant source of frustration. We're talking about cell phone dead zones, and the city is littered with them.

Now there's a new list is out of the worst spots, but the more pressing question in the most populous city in the U.S., why are there so many?

One of the worst spots is on the Upper East Side between 87th and 94th.

"I would totally agree with you because I have a lot of problems on the Upper East Side and talking with my daughter down in Soho. I mean we get garbled messages or the phone just quits," said Liz Landis.

Every year the Nielsen Company sends vans across the city making 140,000 test calls recording problem areas.

The Wall Street Journal highlighted the worst dead cell zones in the city.

They include:

  • Cross Bronx Expressway.
  • The West Side Highway
  • Long Island City in Queens.
  • Sunnyside Queens.
  • Upper East Side neighbrhood betweteen 87th and 94th.

    Nielsen executives in California today tell Eyewitness News all the dropped calls are because New York has so many people, tall buildings, signals refelecting on water, and so many trees. All that affects why cell service in New York isn't as good as in Chicago or Dallas.

    While some cell phone users said they never had a dropped call, most report problems galore especially in that Upper East Side neighborhood.

    "Well i just moved and I only moved a few blocks, I was at 84th and Madison and I never had a phone issue and I'm here since March and my calls are getting dropped on a fairly regular basis," said Lori Levy.

    One of the best areas for making a call, hopefully hands-free, is the Lincoln Tunnel since it's bristling with plenty of high-tech equipment.

    In coming years we'll see more cell sites pop up around the city. The hope is that'll mean better service for all of us.