Students learn computer repair

May 28, 2010 8:29:11 PM PDT
Adult students at Borough of Manhattan Community College are studying to become computer repair technicians. "I'm trying to teach them how to fix computers, how they operate, and also how to pass the exam," said John LaFortune, the class' instructor.

Their knowledge will soon be tested in an exam which could lead to entry-level jobs in computer repair.

But there is even more they need to learn as new immigrants, they also have to learn computer terms in English.

"For me, it's a good idea. Its good skills to get a good job," said Zura Gotsiritze, a Georgian immigrant.

"Since I came to this country, I saw that I have many opportunities with computers in this country," said Boubacar Barry, a Guinean immigrant.

The students sharpen their English using games, with computer terms.

The class offers hope to Nancy Chen, whose father worked for 10 years to bring her family here from China.

"He worked very hard and he said here have a lot of opportunity for us, so I come here," Chen said.

This is the second group for the training.

Administrators say 60% of the first group has found jobs.

"They're also learning how to ask questions, answer questions, they're getting familiar with all of the vocabulary they'll need both for the exam and for their jobs later on," said Denise Deagan, the program's director.

With the demand for computer technicians, directors of this program feel that it will probably lead to a piece of the American Dream, not only for these students, but for their families for generations to come.