Energy drink or alcohol?

May 28, 2010 8:26:35 PM PDT
It's the latest craze in energy drinks, but "Four Loko" is a lot more than just a brightly colored beverage. "The kids have a nickname for it, they're basically calling it coke in a can," said White Plains Public Safety Commissioner, David Chong.

They don't mean Coke-a-Cola.

A can of Four Loko is twice the size of a can of soda, and packed with even more caffeine and sugar to counteract its astonishing alcohol content, of 12%.

With its very fine print, it looks like any other energy drink.

White Plains Public Safety Commissioner, David Chong says the price is right for cash-strapped teens.

"This is 24 ounces and you can get this for under three dollars, so it's cheaper than a beer," Chong said.

It is legal to sell Four Loko, to adults.

One 7 Eleven stocks it in the beer section.

Managers say they empty three cases on an average Friday night, though only to people with proper ID.

Still, cops say its minors who are getting sick.

Recently, at least four White Plains teenagers landed in the hospital.

"One night I was at the park and this girl had alcohol poisoning, she was throwing up we had to call the cops, that was because of Four Lokos," said James Thomas.

Now, police are planning a retail crackdown, as they warn parents about these tantalizing beverages that pack quite a punch.