Blue Angels take to the sky at air show

May 29, 2010 3:30:41 PM PDT
Nothing screams Memorial Day weekend like the Blue Angels at the air show at Jones Beach. The crowd of nearly 150,000 people was not disappointed, but they were a bit nervous by what they saw.

"One particular aircraft looked like it was going to fall, but I'm glad it's not me up there, I'd have a head ache and a stomach ache," said Sara Morrison, a beachgoer.

Some people did have a bit of sticker shock, the fee for parking at state beaches is now up to $10.

It was the first increase in years.

"It's a lot, especially with this economy. Keeping it at $8 would have been fine," said Regina Demasi, a beachgoer.

For most people, it was their first time out on the sand that was worth the money.

It was also the first time in the water for some beachgoers, although they can't say they really enjoyed it, because it was too cold!

Lt. Commander Any Tomlinson of the Blue Angels says it's just a routine day on the job.

"I'm a WIZO, a weapons systems officer which is a back-seater in the F-18," Tomlinson said.

Others people noted that it's important to remember and honor the military and the veterans who have served our country on this Memorial Day.