Abandoned and starved Doberman saved

June 2, 2010 4:09:26 AM PDT
A small Doberman pinscher mix was initially nicknamed "Bones" by his rescuers. He's now being hailed as a miracle on four legs.

The small dog was rescued on a wing and a prayer that he would survive.

SPCA officials say Bones was left by his owner in an abandoned Centerreach home.

Bones was stuck in a hot room with no food or water.

In a weak and emaciated state, the dog somehow got the energy to bark.

A neighbor heard that cry for help and alerted police.

Cops were able to track down 21-year-old Ozkan Guleryuz.

It's not clear why he deserted such a loving animal, but luckily the dog was discovered and treated by Long Island vet specialists in Plainview.

He was just 19 pounds, severely dehydrated, and on the verge of dying.

Now they've renamed the dog Justin for "just in time."

He's expected to make a full recovery.