Eight nabbed in Brooklyn sex trafficking bust

June 2, 2010 2:46:58 PM PDT
Along Broadway in Bushwick, stories about young women working the streets aren't that surprising.

Crossing guard Yvonne Wilson could tell you plenty.

"Cause I am out like 7 in the morning, and you see a whole lot of 'em," she said.

What is surprising is just how young they are, according to Brooklyn's district attorney who just charged 8 different people in 4 separate prostitution rings.

He says alleged pimps like 30-year-old Bloods gang member Abking Wilcox are recruiting in high schools and even in middle schools.

"He had members of his team literally go out and recruit, tell young kids that they had a chance to make some easy money," District Attorney Charles Hynes said.

But in reality, they say, the alleged gang members would simply use their accomplices to lure the girls.

"When they did not meet their quota, they were beaten. They were prevented from eating. They were locked within their apartments," Assistant District Attorney Lauren Hirsch said.

In another scheme, a mom and her son allegedly forced a 15-year old into prostitution, also into having sex with her son, and the mom's cousin allegedly took the girl on dates via the internet.

At the Imperial Hotel on East New York Avenue, a 15 year-old prostitute also turned tricks after alleged Bloods members recruited the young girl.

Back in Bushwick, residents tell us it seems like the problem has been going on forever.

"I've seen about 7 or 8 (girls). They really look about 15 or 16 years old," Robert Delucca said.

Prosecutors called these latest cases a breakthrough.

"I can tell you that we have almost no information coming from these kids as to the identity of their pimps. They are scared to death," Hynes said.