A unique way to see Shakespeare in the Park

June 8, 2010 3:11:13 PM PDT
A limited and unusual run of Shakespeare's classic comedy A Midsummer Night's Dream can be found in Central Park.

All of the performances are free and offer the audience a unique experience.

"I always tell them a little hustle will always get you a front row seat and every seat in this house is the best seat in this house because you always choose your own seat," said Christopher Carter of the Gorilla Repertory Theater Company.

During the performance, the cast plays out each scene in a different section of the grassy area.

That means you get up and move, literally follow along. The result is an intense interaction between actor and audience.

"What I tell New York actors is if you've ever looked out at an audience and only seen the glare of the lights and wondered if they were with you -- let me tell you, if 300 New Yorkers are running towards you at full speed, you know they're with you," carter said.

Free Shakespeare in the Park isn't a new concept. The public theater taking over the Delacorte is a summertime tradition, but it's become so popular many people can't get tickets.

These actors hope to also draw in the masses. Most of them are graduates of the International Theatre Academy Norway in Oslo.

Chris has directed roughly 80 similar mobile interactive plays at parks throughout the 5 boroughs. He says this setting is appropriate for the classics.

"It's where Shakespeare's audience is. Shakespeare wrote for people who are poor, totally rich. People who are uneducated. People who were extremely educated. That's the audience I get in the park. I get multi-millionaires and homeless people and everyone in between and they all laugh at the same things," he said.

To learn more about the shows, please visit www.gorillarep.org