Tall grass causing driving problems

June 3, 2010 5:34:58 PM PDT
It looks as if cars are driving through a meadow. They're not of course. They are driving on ramps along Route 17 in Paramus. Seeing above and around the high grass is a challenge.

"It's a nightmare, like you have to pull out more and take a chance if a car is coming. It's crazy," Carol Pulis said.

"At 17 and Ridgewood there's a heavy merge, and you can't see," Bob Fritog said.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation is hearing about it. In fact, complaints calls are coming from across the state, even police.

Don't blame the tight budget. Blame the harsh winter that caused potholes. They left crews busy filling them. So busy that the grass was free to grow until a week ago when the DOT started stepping up the mowing.

They say they know the trouble spots, and are getting to them as fast as they can.