Police: Career bank robber bolts from NY hospital

The News Leader

June 5, 2010 9:44:40 AM PDT
A New York man accused of robbing a bank in a Bill Clinton mask tried to escape while undergoing tests for throat cancer at a hospital.

Police say John Ryan was tackled at Westchester Medical Center as he bolted through a door.

Two correction officers suffered minor injuries stopping the 59-year-old as he tried to escape Friday.

Ryan is on parole for a previous bank robbery and is charged with robbing a Bank of America in October in Callicoon, about 100 miles northwest of New York City.

Police say he threatened to detonate an explosive and made off with $80,000 before his getaway car was pulled over.

Ryan had been negotiating a deal to plead guilty and be released on bail before sentencing to be treated for the cancer. Authorities say he's a flight risk.