Small plane crash on Long Island

June 5, 2010 8:38:15 PM PDT
A small plane crashed into an industrial building in Bohemia, Long Island on Ocean Avenue.

The plane, described by officials as a two seater, crashed into the Varsity Plumbing Supplies company at 1610 Ocean Avenue just outside Long Island MacArthur Airport.

It was a big scary, ball a fire.

"I was standing over there in my shop and I heard this boom! And I ran over here and saw the flames coming out of the plane," Manny Pinho said.

The Beechcraft 23 went down after take off at 3:00 from McArthur Airport.

Emergency crews were there within two minutes with water and foam to put the fire out, but bystanders jumped in right away.

"There were two men crawling out of there a few feet away from the thing, the plane. And I kind of helped them a little bit, kind of push them away from the smoke," Pinho said.

"We went over there, the plane was fully engulfed in flames. And there was a woman who pulled them both out," Joe Fields said.

Fields and his daughter were driving by and saw a flash of light. They shot cell phone video moments after they heard two loud explosions.

"It was bad," he said.

The passengers were a pilot and student practicing touch and go landings from Mid Island Flight school.

"One subject was seriously burned, with third degree burns. It was the co-pilot of the plane. The second victim was the pilot. He was walking and had minor burns," Jaime Atkinson said.

Emergency Ambulance Service is three doors down from the crash. They ran to the scene to help.

"When I got to the side pilot, I didn't give two thoughts about the plane. I was concerned for him," supervisor Bonnie Minckler said.

The plane crashed in between two buildings. Other than some broken glass and broken branches. There's no visible damage.

It also narrowly missed a large transformer. Not too bad for a crash landing.