From the o.r. to the altar

June 6, 2010 7:13:55 AM PDT
The perfect ring and the perfect couple.

Weddings are all about love. All about the heart.

This bride and groom-to-be are taking that literally.

"Who would have thought I would have had heart surgery and be at a wedding three days later," Ariel Valenti said.

Valenti is talking about his own wedding.

He knew he had a heart condition that caused his heart to beat irregularly.

His doctors had already scheduled at the end of June.

That was until Wednesday.

"On way from rehearsal to rehearsal dinner and I felt a little light headed," he said.

"So in my brain, I'm like instead of wearing a wedding dress at a wedding, I'm gonna be at a wake," Michelle Legato said.

Valenti even jokes that he had a heart episode because he finally found out how much the wedding actually cost.

"I knew the finances of the wedding and I knew it would have been impossible to do again," Valenti said.

"I told him as far as the wedding we could push it back. I need him," Legato said.

He begged his cardiologists to place the defibrillator in his chest so he could make his wedding.

They worked it out.

And it only took an hour on at Morristown Memorial Hospital on Thursday.

"I gave him very explicit instructions for the wedding day and wedding night. I basically didn't have a problem with him going to the wedding," Dr. Jay Curwin explained.

From hospital room to honeymoon suite, Valenti loves his soon to be wife with all his heart.