Long Island mom sent to prison for mistreating ex

June 8, 2010 2:52:00 PM PDT
A bitter custody fight on Long Island has gotten even nastier.

It's so bad, a judge has sentenced a man's ex-wife to jail because of how she is treating her former husband.

For Ted Rubin, the only thing worse than the end of his marriage has been his divorce. "Right now my children want nothing to do with me," said Rubin.

He says his ex-wife Lauren Lippe has turned his life into a living hell.

Rubin took his ex-wife to court and in this harshly worded decision, a judge found her in contempt, calling her conduct "as daunting as it is indefensible".

The extensive record, he said, is "replete with attempts to undermine the relationship between the children and their father and unfettered vilification of [him]."

"This is the worst case of alienation I've ever seen," said Rubin's attorney.

The instances are too numerous to count.

Rubin says Lippe claimed he'd molested one of his daughters, a claim police debunked.

She forced him to celebrate Hanukkah with the girls at the bottom of her long driveway while lighting a menorah on the back of his truck.

Another day, when he drove up the driveway to keep the girls out of torrential rain, their mother called the cops.

The judge also wrote that "The children watched as their after the mother ordered their father to be arrested. When police refused, according to the judge the mother screamed that she is a taxpayer and police work for her."

The judge also adds "That the mother frequently disparaged Rubin in the presence of the children, calling him a 'deadbeat,' 'loser,' and 'scumbag'."

When Eyewitness News attempted to get Lippe's side of the story, her current husband called the police, calling this a private matter.

According to the court decision, Lippe will be ordered to serve a few weekends in jail over the next few months. She plains to appeal.


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