Animals rescued from 'filth house' on Long Island

June 9, 2010 2:23:48 PM PDT
Animals including dogs, cats, birds and even horses were rescued this morning from a house of filth in Yaphank.

Animal care workers found the animals living in a stench filled, filthy ranch style home on Park Street.

According to authorities, the house had numerous sheds in the back, where many of the animals were literally living on top of each other.

Rescuers found several horses, along with cats, a goat, birds and dozens of dogs.

The dogs appeared to be living in kennels on the property.

Police said it was so toxic, ventilators were used to air out the building so workers could enter.

SPCA workers from Suffolk County issued a search warrant after receiving a tip about the house. After an investigation for several weeks of the house, the SPCA showed up and was 'disgusted' at what they saw.

"It's very difficult but the good thing is we will save the animals out of here. To leave the animals in these types of conditions is horrific," said Chief Roy Gross with Suffolk County SPCA.

According to an article written about the owner of the house, Deb Miller, runs an animal rescue. According to her website, the rescue called Herding Animal Rescue which reports to save about 150 animals a year.

A few friends of the home owner have come by the location and tell Eyewitness News she does all she can to save and take in animals that are in bad shape. They say she rehabilitates them and adopts them out successfully.

The SPCA says there is no reason for conditions inside the house should be the way they are.

For information about adopting or fostering a dog, please call 631-382-7722.