Garbage pick up cut in half in Yonkers

June 9, 2010 2:58:07 PM PDT
A grim reality awaits residents and Department of Public Works employees in the city of Yonkers. For the city employees it's a 12% reduction in the workforce.

For the residents, it's a 50% reduction in curbside garbage pick-up, from twice a week to once a week.

The service reductions and layoffs take effect June 28th.

They are the result of reduced city revenues and funding cuts from Albany.

The Public Works Commissioner will soon handout pink slips to 53 employees, that amounts to $3.5 million in annual savings for the city.

"We and the city of Yonkers cannot pass a budget until the state passes their budget. So we are at their mercy at this point," said John Liszewski, the Yonkers Commissioner of Public Works.

The city will also stop picking up non-metal bulk items like mattresses and desks and chairs.

Instead, residents will have to bring those items over to the city recycling center.

"They're not going to just pick it up and be like hey, let's do it. They are going to depend on other people to do it. I just think it's horrible," said Teiranni Roberts, a Yonkers resident.

The commissioner told Eyewitness News that he remains hopeful state leaders will still come through with much-needed funding for the city.

However, he acknowledges, the way things are in Albany right now, that hope is fading fast.


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