Police search for suspect kissing kids in NJ park

June 10, 2010 2:50:25 PM PDT
A warning for parents from police who say a creep is kissing little kids at a park in New Jersey.

He's already done it several times, to both young boys and girls at Leonard Gordon Park in Jersey City.

Now, police are trying to find him.

Thursday, marked and unmarked patrol cars race to the rear of Gordon Park, joined by a cop on bike, checking out a man who may fit the description of the person who's been inappropriately touching kids in the park.

"A young girl describes the suspect as 6 feet tall, thin build, an Asian or Indian man who kissed her brother on the cheek," said Deputy Chief Peter Nalbach.

The man was questioned, and then was free to go and police are warning visitor's to be careful.

"It's crazy, you have to stay close to your kids, you can't let them out of your site," said Mari Rodriquez.

Police were not even aware at first that this had happened more than once.

"We ran into others who said, 'oh yeah, he touched my niece, oh he tried to kiss my brother,' adds Nalbach.

The Park covers a huge block, and sits on a hill at Kennedy and Manhattan Ave. Besides the popular playground, it's full of big trees, and has a series of plateaus, dark areas that police have to get to by foot or bikes to check out.

I grew up around here and it's terrible to hear someone's doing this to our kids," said Kenny Haerle.

Police are surprised so many incidents went unreported, until officers started asking around, so to parents, from police:

"Don't wait to let us know if something happens, it not only do you put your children at risk, you put other children at risk."


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