Young student filmmakers honored

June 10, 2010 4:01:49 PM PDT
Miracle Graham is a 16-year old director. Her first movie is already shot, edited and now premiering at the Ailey American Theater.

It's a funny commentary about fast food.

"We really worked hard on it, so to see everyone looking at my video that's a great feeling

Graham is one of a number of students who learned how to make a movie thanks to Adobe.

Each year the company that creates design software gives 6 million dollars to its Youth Voices program.

The program teaches kids around the world to make short films.

"For some youth, working with technology is empowering? is also incredibly empowering,"

And the topics they choose tend to be pretty serious. Moie Uesugi's film is about the atomic bombs dropped on Japan.

Another pair looked at teen pregnancy and Sydney Terry's film is a personal look at domestic violence.

Each movie is under 5 minutes long. They are short films with lasting impact.

"It helped us be able to express ourselves and show the world what we're capable of doing,"

You can watch the movies online at