Manhunt continues in deadly Long Island shooting

June 16, 2010 3:42:54 AM PDT
An intense police search continues Wednesday for a pair of gunmen on Long Island.Police believe the two men shot and killed a young man after a violent robbery and kidnapping. Residents say South End Avenue is not the kind of street where people are killed in cold blood.

But overnight Tuesday, neighbors woke up to a gunshot, a scream and a frantic plea for help.

"And there was this boy, yelling for help, knocking on the door," Sharon Kagan said.

A man in his 20s was gunned down in the street, police said, after he managed to flee his would be kidnappers.

The victim, who lives at 980 South End Avenue, returned home from Elmont with a friend early Tuesday morning only to find two armed attackers lying in wait.

"You never hear things like this. You never hear stories like this," Kagan said.

The men pushed their way into the house, stole the keys to a luxury car, and then forced both victims into the back seat.

As the car sped away, both of them managed to jump out, but not before one of them was shot in the chest. He pounded on neighbors' doors for help but later died at the hospital.

"We're trying to find out if they had any previous altercations or disputes with anyone, either last night or within the last couple of nights," Lt. Kevin Smithof Nassau County Police said.

The suspects drove off in the car they stole described as a black Infiniti with a New York tag, DYM-2184.

One man is 5-foot-6, with brown skin, and black hair cornrows, a mustache and goatee wearing a black t-shirt and red shorts.

The other is 6 foot 2, with a dark complexion and a thin build. He was clean shaven, wearing a black doo-rag, dark baggy jeans and a red and white shirt.

"It's scary. You don't know what to say. Gotta look twice before you go out the door," one neighbor said.

But residents still couldn't believe the family tragedy that unfolded before their eyes. The murder victim lived with his parents. Sharon Kagan's mother lives right next door.

"They're a very soft spoken, generous, kind family," Kagan said. "It's their only son and now he's gone. And I just hope they catch these guys."


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