Stabbed teen stumbles into precinct, dies

June 17, 2010 9:25:21 AM PDT
Police in the Bronx are investigating a fatal stabbing case that literally came to their door.

A teenager was stabbed on the street just before midnight and stumbled into a police precinct early Thursday.

The fact that it happened right outside the 41st Precinct was not enough to save 18-year-old Javan Maldanado's life. He stumbled into the building, leaving a trail of blood behind him, and collapsed inside. He was rushed to Lincoln Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Police officers went into full-fledged investigative mode at that point. The area in front of the precinct was sealed off.

It appears the victim came out of the train station on the northbound side of the No. 6 line. He was attacked and stabbed multiple times outside the station.

Police are actively trying to gather clues at this time. Maldanado has three prior arrests.


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