Little League team forced to forfeit playoffs

June 17, 2010 9:42:06 PM PDT
A little league team was forced to forfeit the playoffs after the league refused to reschedule the game due to a school conflict.

Last Sunday, it was just about every little leaguers dream.

The Hewlett-Woodmere Mets Little League Team was in extra innings with their season on the line.

10-year-old Adam Aller was at the plate and hit a single in the 8th to drive in the winning run.

Teammates, parents, and coaches swarmed the field.

The Little League Mets had made the playoffs.

"I got tackled by my whole team. It was a great feeling." Said second baseman, Adam Aller.

While the boys were celebrating their hard earned victory, their coach got the news that they had to play on Monday.

That was a major conflict since most of the team had a mandatory school orchestra concert.

So, the team tried to reschedule with the other team and the league commissioner.

When they couldn't, they were forced to forfeit.

"I feel it's unfair because we shouldn't have forfeited. We shouldn't be picking over baseball and school because school and baseball are very important to me," said pitcher, Justin Fliegel.

"They were inflexible. Unfortunately our children are being penalized for something they had no control over. The kids are ten! They want to play baseball," said Beth Fliegel, a parent.

The boys have been playing together for three months.

They practice twice a week and have games twice a week.

They were very disappointed when they're season came to an abrupt end.

The team protested Thursday's semi-final game that they didn't have a chance to play in.

"Please let us could you let us play because we worked so hard and we really want to play and well just play baseball," Aller said.

However, in order to show good sportsmanship they held their protest on another field, so they wouldn't distract the other players.

The league commissioner told Eyewitness News over the phone that the playoff schedule was released a week ago.

So, coaches knew when they might be playing based on wins and losses.

He says the team should have raised a red flag earlier and something could have been done.

"I wish the league would have been able to work this out as adults we should have been able to work this out for the children because that's what little league is for," said the kids' coach, Victor Rodriguez.


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