NYC schools host their own World Cup Tournament

June 18, 2010 2:54:16 PM PDT
New York City schools held a World Cup tournament of their own. 32 schools in the city participated, representing the different countries playing in the real tournament. The soccer team at P.S. 125 in Woodside, representing Portugal, proved they know how to play the game, placing second place citywide.

While they students received lessons in soccer, they also had a great lesson in Social Studies as well.

Bernado Sumba, student soccer player, said "I learned about the population and the language."

The students at each school created what is called a "world cup wall," where they were able to write stories and share art about the countries they were representing.

Bruce Virginia, Senior Sports and Fitness Consultant at the Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation said, "What they took away was an understanding of a variety of countries."

The game was sponsored by metro soccer, which helped sponsor the public school tournament, as well as providing instruction for students in a number of after school programs.

The students play in the school gym, because they do not have outside space, but that is not a problem. Ian Walker, Metro Soccer President said, "It doesn't need a great deal of equipment, it's very flexible in the space that it utilizes and it's perfect for New York city public school spaces."