Westchester Co. Center to host gun show

June 18, 2010 3:22:22 PM PDT
The tables are set up and hundreds of vendors have arrived.

Starting Saturday, thousands of gun enthusiasts will be able to do something they haven't done in over a decade: attend a gun show at the Westchester County Center.

The County Center in White Plains hosts a variety of events year round.

They are currently advertising a computer show, a reptile expo, and this weekend's sportsman firearm and knife show complete with the words 'we're back.'

Former County Executive Andy Spano barred gun shows on county property following the massacre at Columbine High School.

New County Executive Rob Astorino decided to reverse that policy.

The County Center is run by the Parks Department.

Police will be on hand to make sure background checks are being conducted during sales.

Gun control advocates say New York State has closed most legal loopholes but they still worry about so-called straw purchases.

That's where someone buys a weapon then gives it to someone not legally qualified.

Organizers say there are safeguards in place, especially with handguns, which are shipped to dealers after purchase.


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