Police scan Twitter, Facebook for intelligence

June 18, 2010 3:39:49 PM PDT
Nassau County Police are stepping up their game this weekend by using social networking sites to gain intelligence.

Four officers from the Bureau of Special Operations will be assigned exclusively to locating parties that could go viral and ultimately get out of hand.

The response comes after police were called to two out of control house parties last weekend.

By the time officers arrived two, people were dead.

Investigators say the birthday party in Lakeview was posted on Twitter.

Nassau's Chief of Detectives Steve Skrynecki says when parties are advertised on the internet, they attract unwanted guests from other areas.

By tracking these parties on Facebook and Twitter, police will be aware of a potential for danger.

Beginning Friday, police will be scanning social networking sites.

If a party is gaining steam on the internet, officers will be in the area to respond before it turns violent.


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