"Hoboken Corner Cars" program begins

June 18, 2010 3:48:25 PM PDT
Hoboken is a little city, at just over 1 square mile, but it has a ton of cars, making parking nearly impossible.

"I live near 2nd street, and sometimes it takes 15 minutes or more of driving to find a spot," Hoboken resident, Matt Crossan said.

To help ease the parking delimma, Hoboken has introduced a car-sharing program for residents called "Hoboken Corner Cars". You sign up, pay a fee, and have access to 42 cars in the sharing pool.

"You get this card, flash it right here on the windshield, it opens the car, you go, come back, flash the card and it locks the car, ready for the next user," said Ian Sacs, of the City of Hoboken.

With the program, the days of driving in circles looking for a spot are over.

Each car has a designated spot.

You take the car, come back, and the spot is waiting for you.

The city is hoping car sharing will encourage people to give up owning personal cars.

The city's starting out with 42 cars, parked strategically across the city, so nearly everyone is within a 5 minute walk to a Corner car.

Just 2 days in, dozens have already signed up for the program.

Residents with questions about the Corner Cars program can email cornercars@hobokennj.org or call the Department of Transportation and Parking at 201-653-1919.


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