3 harness drivers injured at Meadowlands

The News Leader

June 19, 2010 1:31:36 PM PDT
Harness racing driver Richard Silverman remained in intensive care at a New Jersey hospital Saturday, one day after he was hurt in a spill at the Meadowlands Racetrack that injured three other drivers and unseated six overall.

Track officials said Silverman was at Hackensack University Medical Center, receiving treatment for a concussion and ankle fractures he sustained during Friday night's second race at the track. They said Silverman's father, trainer Jerry Silverman, reported that his son's CT scans were negative.

The accident occurred early in the race when Four Starzz Left stumbled to the ground, tossing George Brennan out of the cart.

Silverman and fellow drivers Daniel Dube, Brian Sears, Eric Goodell and Ron Pierce were unseated in the chain reaction that followed.

Silverman, Dube and Pierce were all taken to the hospital. Sears went on to win the third race, but then opted off the rest of his drives and went to the hospital to be treated for a severe cut and swelling of his left arm. Brennan also later opted off the remainder of his drives, while Goodell returned for the rest of the card and picked up his 4,000th career win behind Answer The Bell in the final race of the night.

Pierce - who had a sore shoulder, though X-rays came back negative - and Sears resumed driving in races Saturday morning at the Meadowlands, then headed to Canada to drive in the eliminations for the North America Cup at Mohawk Raceway.

Information was not immediately available about Dube, who was being evaluated for a possible concussion and lower back pain.

All six horses involved in the spill escaped serious injury, the track said.