Bloomberg wants fewer street fairs

June 19, 2010 3:41:29 PM PDT
Mayor Bloomberg says he wants fewer street fairs in the city due to police overtime costs

It's another Saturday, another street fair in New York City.

The gyros, the t-shirts, the tchotchkes, tourists say they love them.

While the tourists love the street fairs, some New Yorkers say they don't really care for them that much.

In fact, one New Yorker in particular is sour on the whole street fair experience.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on his radio show that the events have gotten too big.

The city takes in over a million dollars in fees from organizers, but spends four times that amount in police overtime.

In response, the city has stopped granting permits for new events. The number of street fairs has actually dropped 17%. The mayor says he would like to see fewer still.

Even some vendors say they can see Mayor Bloomberg's point.

New regulations on street fairs could still be years away.