People audition for jobs at trendy Harlem hotel

June 23, 2010 3:10:58 PM PDT
A trendy new hotel is getting ready to open in Harlem, and it is looking for a few good employees. Potential workers actually auditioned for jobs.

A new hotel, Aloft Harlem is opening. The aloft brand is known for its edgy, modern design. It is geared towards the savvy, generation y traveler.

"It's like the holiday party when you see that co-worker on the floor dancing and it's like,owww," said Ian Jackson, a job applicant.

Although it seemed like a party, it was actually a job fair where the name of the game was having fun. It was an unconventional job fair. The applicants, all from Harlem, had no idea they were being observed.

"It could be a catch 22, want to start laughing, saying hey how are you and then it's like, ah," said Taisha Tropnasse, a job applicant.

Outgoing applicants were rewarded with a pink lea, which means they have made it to the next round of interviews.

You didn't need experience in this industry, the general manager, Daniel Fevre explained.

"I can teach you to make a bed, can teach you how to check people in. I can't teach you how to be sassy and fun, smart and have a good time, if you have a good time, you're going to treat my guests the same way," Fevra said.

In the end, a few dozen remained hoping to be select for the roughly 30 open positions.

They are looking for standouts, so maybe this man's red converse are just what it takes to score a job.

Rachel Glaby just graduated from C.W. Post and is looking for a job.

"I wasn't expecting to be greeted by aloha and get lae'd first thing. It's very different, will never forget this," she said.

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