African Grey parrot missing

Dusty is an African Grey parrot who went missing on May 14, 2010 near the Bronx, Mount Vernon line. If you have any information on Dusty's whereabouts you are asked to call Marie at 917-453-2865.

June 24, 2010 5:38:03 AM PDT
A family is desperately searching for their African Grey parrot named "Dusty."Dusty got away on May 14th.

The owners live on the border of the Bronx and Mount Vernon in Westchester County.

A neighbor says they saw the bird fly towards Mount Vernon.

An animal expert believes the bird would stay in a one mile radius of its home.

The owners believe someone may have seen the bird and taken it in.

Dusty's family is offering a $2,500 reward or they are also offering to buy whoever found Dusty, their own baby African Grey parrot.

If you have seen Dusty, please call Marie at 917-453-2865.