Conn. father arrested for harassing speeders

June 25, 2010 3:01:54 PM PDT
One man's attempt to warn fast drive motorists went too far. Police say, 42-year-old Curt Dubois was arrested for holding a sign that read "slow down" and pointing an unloaded air rifle at drivers, while under the influence of alcohol.

"I did it for my community," said Dubois.

One section of Prospect Drive is a state road, the other a town road. Dubois says he's written to both the Governor and mayor about having traffic control devices installed. Dubois says what pushed him over the edge was a recent diagnosis that he may be suffering from Pancreatic cancer.

However, Dubois says he's been frustrated over the lack of response.

A spokesman for the Department of Transportation said, "Stop signs and lights are meant to regulate the flow of traffic, never to slow it down. Getting people to obey the speed limit is an enforcement issue."

Dubois now has two important appointments next week. A Cat Scan to assess his medical condition and a court date to address his legal status.