State passes budget; Paterson vowing to veto all additions

June 28, 2010 8:16:51 PM PDT
It appears the state has a budget, but Governor Paterson is vowing to veto all 6,900 additions. The Governor is calling the budget, which is 3 months late "Irresponsible, unbalanced and worse than continuing the miserable status quo."

With determination and flourish, the Governor vetoed education funding and he's promised many more, And promptly blasted the legislature for not doing what he ordered.

"It breaks my heart to do this, the only reason I'm doing it is because I think otherwise we are kicking the can down the road," said Paterson.

Earlier, Monday state Senators on a 32 to 29 vote passed their own budget.

That budget ignored the Governor's call to let grocery stores sell wine and they refused his plan to let state colleges set their own tuition.

But they did spend plenty, $419 million more than the governor's budget on public schools.

The Senate leader responded to the question to what would happen with the Gov. signing the veto.

I asked the senate leader? but what if the governor says no? with that veto?

"Well I'll cross that bridge when it happens, as I said before, my communication with the Governor's office does not stop because we passed this bills early this evening," said John Sampson.

Despite Democrats trying to sound nice about the Governor, he was having none of it.

He ripped fellow lawmakers for a budget now three months late.

"Now I am disappointed, stunned, and frankly chagrined with the legislature that is either unwilling or unable to address that the people of New York State has," added Paterson.

At least, though, state lawmakers prevented a Government shutdown.

Their votes today keep government running another day.

"It is not going to shut down, it better not shut down. I have too many friends, constituents, family members that are on the state payroll and they all need to eat," said Assemblyman Keith Wright.