Long Island dealing with heat and no electricity

The News Leader

June 28, 2010 2:44:28 PM PDT
It is a scorcher out there and imagine being without power since last week.

That's the situation for some on Long Island where last week's storms knocked out power for residents who are still in the dark, and sweating.

As you drive the streets of Great Neck there is devastation bordering on the unimaginable.

Last weeks powerful storm uprooted massive trees crushing homes and cars and taking down power lines. Now four full days and people there still don't have electricity.

Many residents have been staying home as little as possible and for the children its back to the basics like board games instead of the computer.

Some residents got a chance to discuss their frustrations with LIPA Chairman Kevin Law.

Law says crews are working around the clock but insists if you look around you can see why some areas are more complicated than others.