Crime on the rise in NYC

July 1, 2010 3:32:12 PM PDT
Recent reports show that violent crimes are on the rise in New York City.

It was a night of bloodshed in Brooklyn Wednesday night.

First there was one person killed and two injured at a park on Kingston Avenue.

Then three men were shot on Buffalo Avenue just a few blocks away.

The news that violent crime is on the rise since last year comes no big surprise to the people who see these streets every day.

"No jobs, the youth have no where to go, and they turn to crime," said Bedford-Stuyvesant resident, Jackie.

In fact, one resident says she walked past another murder scene just last week.

The latest crime figures from the NYPD prove the point.

So far this year, there have been 221 murders in the city, that's up 11% over the same time last year.

There have been 629 rapes, which is a 13% rise over last year.

And, there have been 799 shooting victims, that's a 7% hike since 2009.

"About 90% of the shootings were outdoors, so that has brought about some re-deployment on our part," NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

Residents say they'll welcome any more cops outside on the streets, it's because budget cuts are also straining school programs, and that can trigger more crime.

"The beacon schools are losing money, the after school programs have lost money, there's nothing for these kids to do," said Tony Herbert, a Brooklyn Community advocate.

Those who study crime also say counter-terrorism in the 5 boroughs has played a roll from raids in Queens, to more vigilance in Times Square.

"When police force, local police force, starts to be too involved in counter-terrorism issues, they're attention to other types of crime, declines," said Maki Haberman, of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

All the more reason, some say, to keep your own eyes on your kids at home.

"Just people taking care of their children, that's the best way we can solve it. Stick with your child and raise them right, that'll keep you away from crime," said Brooklyn parent, Gamba Marson.