Sexy music gets Bronx zoo birds 'in the mood'

The News Leader

July 2, 2010 7:28:23 AM PDT
A group of low-libido birds at a New York City zoo just needed some love music to get them in the mood.

Bronx Zoo ornithologist Mark Hofling says the flock of 21 endangered Waldrapp ibis have produced six chicks after seven years of no babies.

The trick was piping sexy mating calls of wild ibises into the birds' enclosure.

The love soundtrack spurred the birds to action. They courted, built nests, laid eggs. The six chicks were born to three sets of parents in May. They have since grown to adult size.

Adult Waldrapp ibises have glossy, black plumage and pink featherless heads.

Zoo officials say they are considering trying this form of relationship therapy next on Caribbean and Chilean flamingos. They too are experiencing a dry spell.