Man who lost arm lighting fireworks in stable condition

Police say a man lighting fireworks has blown off his arm at a party on New York's Long Island.

July 5, 2010 7:14:26 AM PDT
A man who blew his arm off while trying to launch fireworks is in stable condition on Long Island Monday. trying to light fireworks.But surgeons were not able to reattach Eric Smith's left arm, which was blown off at the shoulder.

The accident happened outside his home in Islip Terrace on Saturday night.

Police say the 36-year-old was using a metal tube to shoot mortars. When he leaned over to ignite it, an explosive shot out and struck him.

Smith's family didn't want to talk Sunday morning, and neighbors were tight lipped. But those who saw the horrific scene were stunned.

Residents who heard the explosion quickly realized that something had gone terribly wrong, and Smith was left bleeding profusely in front of his house.

While many rushed to his aid, witnesses say the portion of his left arm from the shoulder to elbow was blown to bits.