Free kayaking in S.I. as part of "City of Water Day Festival"

July 7, 2010 2:55:07 PM PDT
With the hot weather, cooling off in the water is tempting. There are so many different activities you can do in the water around New York. Later this month the third annual "City of Water Day Festival" will give you the opportunity to experience everything our area has to offer.

One activity the festival will highlight is kayaking. You can kayak off South Beach in State Island near scenic views of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. It's free all summer long and part of the City of Water Day Festival on July 24th.

"Kayak Staten Island is a free open to the public kayaking program. We have life jackets, boats, paddles. We fit people with a life jacket," said Tina Johnstone of Kayak Staten Island.

Vanessa Cerasani of Annadale and Caitlyn Boan of Princess Bay went out kayaking.

"We hit the bowies a lot," said Cerasani.

Despite any minor crashes, both enjoyed the experience.

"This is my first time and I thought it was really fun," said Boan.

Caitlyn Boan's mom, Lori Boan, enjoyed that the activity was free.

"It's free. You grab your kayak and just go in the water," Lori Boan said.

Kayak Staten Island was chosen to participate in the City of Water Day Festival to include Staten Islanders.

"We've decided to make this a satellite location of the City of Water Day Festival," said Ray Fusco of the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance.

During the City of Water Day Festival kayakers can bring their own vessel or kids can play.

"It's more like a group activity, and you use a lot of teamwork and it's a great way to stay in shape," said 10 year old Zachary Serrano.

Nine year old Brian Serrano agrees with Serrano and also kayaks to stay in shape.

Both boys concentrate more on joking around than exercise.

Kayaking is something anyone can do.

Five year old Joseph Dalton went out in his grandfather's kayak and paddled all by himself.

Kayak Staten Island offer paddling tips and launch/land assistance. They give a brief lesson before participants paddle out.

Click here for more information on the City of Water Day Festival.