MTA proposes additional fees, fare hike

July 9, 2010 3:27:33 PM PDT
The MTA has proposed a variety of new fees and fare hikes to help balance their budget.

As the MTA struggles in a sea of red ink, sources say the agency is examining how it costs the MTA 14-cents for every new card.

So the idea is for a dollar surcharge, any time you don't recycle, and decide to buy a new Metrocard.

"We're struggling to make ends meet now you know and that's only another added burden!" said subway rider, Felicia Hall.

On top of that, another consideration is limiting the number of bus or subway rides permitted on a so-called unlimited card.

That's a horrible possibility for Evelyn Nunlee.

"I'm a personal trainer and I teach adults and kids exercise everywhere so I use my Metrocard sometimes 10 times a day," Nunlee said.

On top of all the changes to the Metrocard, the agency is already planning a fare hike of at least 7.5% in January.

Friday the agency hinted it could be more in a statement that said: "As we have consistently said, the amount of the increase must be determined in the context of our overall financial plan."

"I think the MTA is seriously considering many options one way, but one way or another all these options lead to the straphanger's pocketbook and that's a sad reality," said James Vacca, the City Council Transportation Chairman.

One scenario in January would hike an $89 monthly card to at least $100, perhaps more depending on just how much balancing the MTA is facing.

The MTA Board will meet later this month to look at concrete proposals on how to balance its budget.

The fare hike takes effect in January along with the possibility of many changes to our weekly and monthly Metrocards.