Woman killed in Staten Island hit-and-run

July 10, 2010 3:31:37 PM PDT
Police in Staten Island arrested an alleged drunk driver in connection with a deadly hit and run crash. As she fought back tears, the niece of 47-year-old Bruzelda Maldonado, described the random events that took her aunt's life.

At 2:30 a.m. on Targee Street in Staten Island, Maldonado's car began overheating, so she pulled over to the right of the road to get help.

"I went to get her some water, and before I knew it, I came downstairs and she had gotten hit by a car, a black car, like sped," said witness Sheila Stevenson.

The driver of the black 2000 Mazda didn't get too far, the impact of the crash ripped out his windshield.

"She was thrown, almost a hundred feet from where her car was to under another car, that's not a nice thing at all" said the victim's niece, Meredith Veney.

19-year-old David Lozano was behind the wheel, and he only made it back to his house up the block were police arrested him.

"He was just saying, like 'what the **** did I do, what did I do," said witness Lisa Dale.

"He couldn't believe what had happened. He was looking at the car, he was looking at the cops, he was just like, he was in a stupor," said witness Sandy Grisaffi.

Alcohol was allegedly involved in the crash.

In another twist, police say a Good Samaritan who lives near the accident scene tried to chase Lozano as he sped away, but the Good Samaritan was allegedly drunk as well.

He is also now under arrest.

Meantime, residents along Targee Street say they are fed up with cars speeding all the time, and accidents that are taking too many lives.

"I've been living here for like, 13 years, and I seen over 10 accidents here, and like maybe 5 or 7 people die," said Targee Street resident, Jeremiah Martinez.