Bronx church reopens after arson

July 11, 2010 3:23:52 PM PDT
It's been seven months since parishioners have praised the lord inside of the Glory of Christ Church in Parkchester.

The Bronx church was gutted by fire late last year.

After extensive work, Pastor Raymond Talevera opened its doors on Sunday and welcomed parishioners back home.

"It's a sense of joy. A mix of emotions. Overwhelmed really," Pastor Talevera said.

A Satan-loving arsonist torched the Bronx church and soup kitchen last December.

The arsonist sprayed the walls with satanic graffiti and hateful messages including "hail to Satan", "We hate Jews and Christians" and "get off our block."

"I was like, who does that in a church, that's a house of God," said neighbor, Sumayyah Clark.

While crews worked on restoring the building's interior, services were moved to a nearby Presbyterian Church, and then to a dance studio.

Police never caught the culprit, but church-goers refuse to give up.

"It's nice to have it back in this community especially on this block," said neighbor, Shalo Seelochen.