Geese euthanized near NYC airports

July 12, 2010 8:21:18 PM PDT
Officials say hundreds of geese located near New York City airports have been euthanized.

This once graceful swan and a handful of ducks have the lake at Prospect Park all to themselves, now that all the Canada Geese have been permanently removed.

8-year-old Oscar Flores was holding onto to a feather in honor of all the lost fowl.

Federal officials confirm that on Thursday they trapped about 400 geese from the park, took them to another location and gassed them.

Their carcasses were buried in an undisclosed location.

Authorities have ordered that all Canada Geese within a 7 mile radius of city airports be destroyed.

In January 2009 a U.S. Airways jet was disabled when geese struck the engines.

Captain Chesley Sullenburger became an instant hero when he landed the plane safely on the Hudson River.

The move to destroy all the geese by the airports was in response to that near tragedy.

Carol Bannerman, spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services, said approximately 1,200 geese were removed last summer and the department planned to remove about the same amount this year.