Suspect sought in pair of sexual assaults in Bridgeport

July 14, 2010 2:23:42 PM PDT
She is a 70-year old victim, afraid to go outside, traumatized after a sexual assault two weeks ago. It was one of two violent attacks in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Black Rock. The incident took place in the middle of the night.

The suspect, wearing a ski mask and armed with a gun, entered the woman's home through a ground floor window.

"What he did to me, I didn't deserve that. I haven't done anything to him. And I was in my bed. It's not like I was in the street walking up and down. I was in my bed," the victim said.

The second sexual assault occurred early Sunday morning less than a block away. Police say there's little doubt the same person is responsible.

Police have increased patrols and are asking residents to lock their doors and windows overnight.

Investigators say they have a good deal of evidence and have indentified potential suspects.

They're confident there will be an arrest, which can't come soon enough for those who have been terrorized.

"Every night I go to my bed and I have people who are praying with me. I want them to catch that sucker. I want him to be caught," the victim said.

In the meantime, residents have reactivated a neighborhood watch that was formed years ago.