Video released of suspect in EMT's murder

July 30, 2010 4:12:25 PM PDT
Police released surveillance video of the man wanted for murdering Jason Green, the EMT who allegedly refused to help a dying pregnant woman.

Police are looking to identify the man at the end of the video wearing a T-shirt with the number '28' on it. It's believed he's the shooter.

Jason Green, the EMT who was caught in a controversy over the death of a pregnant woman, was shot and killed nearly 2 weeks ago.

"He always coming by to see his mother, check the family, nothing bad, I could say about him, good person," said neighbor, Miriam Summerford.

Summerford, like many at Ravenswood Houses, remember seeing Jason Green, as a little boy, running around the complex.

They say he was a quiet child who was the apple of his mother's eye.

His mother received the awful news this morning that someone shot her son in the face, killing him.

The 32 year old had just left the popular club "Greenhouse" in the West Village just after 5 a.m. Sunday July 18th, but some are now wondering what was behind the deadly shooting.

Could it in some way connected to a battle Green had been fighting since late last year?

"They felt the break was more important than saving a life," said Cynthia Rennix, the mother of a woman who died in December 2009.

Cynthia Rennix was talking about her daughter, Eutisha.

The 25 year old was working at a coffee shop in Brooklyn, when she collapsed in the back of the shop.

Her co-workers claim, Green and his partner, Melissa Jackson, who were on a break but in uniform, ignored their pleas for help.

Eutisha, who was 6 months pregnant, died, and also lost the baby.

Both Green and Jackson were suspended without pay, as officials launched an investigation.

Many, including Eutisha's twin brother, believe the pair did not deserve to wear an FDNY uniform.

"My sister was in the back dying and if they just would have helped did something there's a possibility she'd be alive today," said Eudane Rennix, the victim's brother, in December 2009.

In late January, Green and Jackson were reinstated but still faced a criminal probe.

It was something Eyewitness News tried to ask Jackson about but got nowhere.