Cooking up puppets

July 20, 2010 3:23:22 PM PDT
Puppets can bring a smile to anyone's face. They require creativity and imagination to be brought to life.

Michael Schupach, Emily deCola and Eric Wright joined forces in a unusual place to create Puppet Kitchen, a puppet making shop in a kitchen where the Lower East Side Girls Club used to make cookies.

A kitchen is the perfect spot to make puppets because it has running water and tables.

The trio of puppet makers believes the only limitation to what you can do with a puppet is your imagination.

The puppets are designed to be cute and fuzzy to make them likeable.

Puppets are used for jobs that involve television, webcasts, and outdoor theater. They are even used on Broadway.

There are many incarnations of a puppet before its stage ready. According to deCola, mockups are made, including some made of newspaper and duct tape.

Schupach, deCola, and Wright enjoy working with puppets as much as they enjoy making them. If you ask Schupach, having a puppet at the end of your arm can be liberating.

"The nice thing is puppets can really say things that I can't," he said.

He also believes working with a puppet is something everyone should try.

"It should fit just like you're reaching into a glove," Schupach said, as advice for beginners.