Wild turkey disrupting New Jersey town

July 21, 2010 3:53:39 AM PDT
Coyotes, bears, and now a wild turkey. It seems a wiley gobbler is causing quite a stir in one New Jersey community.

Knock on any door in the quiet neighborhood off Notch Road and Grove Street in Clifton, and you can get a wild turkey story.

"At first I thought it was a Chuppicabra and we look out the window and we see this animal," said Ken Urgo.

Just about everyone's seen it too often, some folks feel.

The neighborhood called their local councilman, who has seen the turkey too.

"In the beginning, it was fun, now it's a safety issue," Urgo said. "The turkey's running in the middle of the street backing up traffic."

There's a theory in Clifton that recent development on Garret Mountain is shooing wildlife down into the suburbs. Whether that's true or not, they say it's time the turkey found a new home, and that may happen in a few days.

"Fish and wildlife are coming to use a net gun to catch him and take him somewhere," Urgo says.

Eyewitness News counted six turkeys in nearby Rifle Camp Park.