Severe storm pounds CT, Westchester Co.

July 21, 2010 8:22:00 PM PDT
Police and firefighters are working through the night clearing downed trees and power lines in Westchester and parts of Connecticut.

It was a ferocious storm in Katonah, where at the train station a tree crashed down onto a truck in the parking lot.

It crushed the roof and shattered the back windshield.

"It was intense, it was wild," said Lake Katonah resident, Jeanie Vitor.

A strong storm ripped through Northern Westchester County Wednesday evening.

Katonah sustained the worst of the damage.

The strong winds snapped dozens of trees, sending them crashing down onto power lines.

"It was incredible, torrential, I just moved up here and I didn't know what it would be like but my goodness," said Ridgefield, Connecticut resident, Louise Massey.

Eyewitnesses describe a furious storm: torrential rain, frightening winds, and hail the size of ping pong balls.

Even the metal tables at the Katonah Restaurant were picked up and blown around.

"Strong winds and rain, the tables and chairs went flying and some of them broke," said Bill Simos, of the Katonah Restaurant.

At the Katonah train station, Jay Shaw was in for quite a shock when he returned from his job in Manhattan to find his car had been partially crushed by a heavy branch.

"We've got a busted out window, and a little damage on the front of the car," Shaw said.

Many Katonah residents are without power Wednesday night as a result of all of the downed trees and power lines.

Some of these families are taking refuge in local restaurants, which do have power and are seeing plenty of extra business.

"Everything came down, people were rushing in, everyone eating on the counter because they didn't want to go outside with their pies. Quick but it was pretty intense," said Brandon Weiss, of Pizza Station.