Officer struck by motorcycle walks into work

Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly greeted Police Officer Carlos Olmedo at the 62nd Precinct station house Thursday, where Olmedo was received by family and colleagues celebrating his release from hospitalization. After being struck by a motorcycle during a foot pursuit May 16, Olmedo was in an induced coma for weeks and underwent brain and ankle surgeries before beginning intensive rehabilitation.

July 22, 2010 10:32:17 PM PDT
An NYPD officer who nearly died after he was hit by a motorcycle trying to catch a group of alleged car thieves returned to his Brooklyn precinct this morning. The one person, who just knew this day would come, when Officer Carlos Olmedo returned to the 62nd precinct to a rousing welcome, was the officer himself.

"It's great to be here," he said.

He and his fellow officers, who surrounded him now for this special homecoming talk of miracles.

"We feared for the worst that we were going to lose him. For him to come to where he was and to where he is now is absolutely amazing," said Marlon Key, Olmedo's partner.

That May night with Officer Key was chasing alleged car thieves in Bensonhurst when suddenly he was suddenly struck by a motorcycle and critically injured.

"His progress has been amazing. It's great to have him walking around again," adds Officer Key.

Police Commissioner Kelly was on hand to welcome back Officer Olmedo.

"It's a testament to his tremendous courage. He has deep faith. And he has an amazing family," he said.

His wife Abigail and their son Jeremiah were on hand, as they continue to encourage his progress.

Olmedo is a four-year veteran of the force and a married father of three children, ages one, six and eight.