Autopsy proves mother killed self in Staten Island fire

July 29, 2010 3:44:49 PM PDT
Autopsy results concluded a Staten Island mother committed suicide after killing her four children.

The Medical Examiner made the determination it was the mother who killed the kids and herself.

"The thought to cut the kids throat and burn the house, knowing others lived there too, there had to be something wrong with that lady," said Jose Vega.

Investigators say Leisa Jones killed her four children, the oldest 14, and two others had their throats cut. The youngest, just 2-years-old died of smoke inhalation.

Police say they believe Jones then set their home on fire, and she died of smoke inhalation.

Suspicion at first was on the 14-year-old boy CJ, who had a history of playing with fire, but those who knew him did not think he was capable of such a crime.

"The kid was a good kid, he was a little loose, but he was still a good kid," adds Vega.

After portions of a note saying 'Am sorry' were discovered, and the handwriting later matched to Jones' diary, the focus was shifted to the mother.

"The investigative premise from the outset was murder/suicide, and undetermined whether the oldest son or mother was responsible pending the medical examiner's findings," said NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne.

The fire that had raced through the two story home forcing another family to escape is still the focus of a probe by FDNY Fire Marshall's trying to determine how the fire started.