Dancer's street performance tour stops in NYC

July 29, 2010 3:28:13 PM PDT
Eat lunch outside and enjoy a free show by a Canadian dancer who's performance made it's way around the world.

the dance performance is called Solo 30-30, meaning 30 minutes for 30 days. The performer, Paul Andre Fortier uses public spaces as his stage.

Here in New York, Fortier says he thinks people are even looking from the high-rise buildings above him. He's performing at one New York plaza through august 14 everyday at noon, then he's off to Belgium for 30 days of performances.

"Dancing in a public space is quite a challenge," says andre.

He's undertaken in 11 other cities over the past 4 years, but he says no city he is quite as noisy as new york.

"The buzz in nyc is exciting," says andre.

His audience changes everyday. Some just pass by, while others have made this a destination. People love that it free, which was made possible by the River to River Festival.